{Updated} Full List of Marquee Players from Foreign Players of Indian Super League (ISL) 2015 Teams

ISL 2015 Marquee Players from ISL 2015 Teams : The all new season of ISL football is about to get a kick start and has declared the listed of Marquee players of all the Teams of ISL 2015. All eight teams Atletico de Kolkata, Chennaiyin FC, Delhi Dynamos FC, Kerala Blasters FC, Mumbai City FC, FC Goa and Pune City FC have chosen their Marquee Player for their respective ISL 2015 teams. We have also provided the ImagesHD Wallpapers of the ISL 2015 Marquee Players from their Football Career so that you can recognize them well.

Marquee Player – Who is Marquee Player of ISL 2015 Teams

Many of the Indian Football Enthusiasts might be wondering that who is a marquee player in ISL 2015 Football. So All India Football Federation (AIFF) explained the meaning of a Marquee Player. It said that, “A foreign enlisted player who has served for his country in any of the continental championships like the European Championship, Copa America, African Nations Cup, Asian Cup or Fifa World Cup will be called a Marquee player“.

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ISL 2015 Marquee Players :

ISL 2015 Marquee players are experienced players who have performed in biggest championships and represented themselves in front of the world. Marquee Player is one of the Foreign Players playing for the respective ISL 2015 Teams. Below listed are the ISL 2015 Marquee Players of all Teams of second edition.

Atletico de Kolkata Marquee Player – Helder Postiga

Helder Postiga Marquee Player ISL 2015 Indian Super League Football striker
Helder Postiga, ISL 2015 Marquee Player of Atletico de Kolkata playing against Argentina in 2011

Helder Postiga is the Marquee Player for Atletico de Kolkata Team. He is a Portuguese Footballer who plays for ATK Team as a striker. At International Level he has played 185 games in which he has scored 49 Goals. Since 2003, he has represented Portugal in 2 Fifa World Cups and 3 Euro Championships where he contributed his best to make his team appear in Euro 2004.

On 29 July 2015, Helder Postiga signed as the Marquee Player for Atletico de Kolkata franchise co-owned by Sourav Ganguly. Lets see how he performs for ATK as all the eyes of ATK fans would be centered upon him in this ISL 2015 season.

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Chennaiyin FC Marquee Player – Elano

Elano ISL 2015 Marquee Player Chennaiyin FC Team Squad Indian Super league Football Midfielder
Elano, ISL 2015 Marquee Player of Chennaiyin FC representing Brazil in FIFA World Cup 2011

Elano Blumer is the Marquee Player for Chennaiyin FC Team which is owned by Bollywood actor, Abhishek Bachchan and Indian Cricket Captain, MS Dhoni. Elano is a professional Footballer who plays as a Midfielder and has represented Brazil in 2007 & 2011 Copa America, 2009 Fifa Confederations Cup, 2010 Fifa World Cup. He also played for Manchester City for Four Years as per the contract in 2007. In 2015 edition, it will be his second appearance in Indian Super League where he played for Chennaiyin FC in 2014 season. He has scored 136 goals in 568 Matches in his total career.

Elano who is known for his exact passing and correct set pieces, scored 8 Goals from 11 Games for Chennaiyin in 2014 and was the first marquee player to score in Indian Super League as he scored a goal on the debut from a free kick. He also grabbed the ‘Golden Boot Award’ in ISL 2014. He is the only marquee player who was retained by Chennaiyin FC in ISL 2015 while the rest teams changed the Marquee Player.

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Delhi Dynamos FC Marquee Player – Roberto Carlos

Roberto Carlos Marquee Player Delhi Dynamos FC Indian Super League Football Foreign Player Left Back
Roberto Carlos, ISL 2015 Marquee Player for Delhi Dynamos FC playing for Brazil in 2011

Roberto Carlos is the Marquee Player for Delhi Dynamos FC Team which is owned by DEN Networks which is India’s leading Cable TV Distribution Company. Roberto Carlos is a Brazilian Footballer who is the current Manager of Delhi Dyanmos FC and is named as the most offensive-minded left-back in the history of the game. He is also known as ‘the bullet man’ due to his strong bending free kicks measured over 169 Km/hr. He is one of the most senior and experienced players of Football.

Roberto Carlos was the Runner-up of the World Fifa Player of the Year in year 1997 and he was included in the list of Top 100 World’s Greatest Living Fifa Players. In ISL 2015 season Roberto Carlos signed as the head coach and the Marquee Player for Delhi Dynamos on 5th July, 2015.

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FC Goa Marquee Player – Lucio

Lucio Marquee player FC Goa Indian Super League Teams ISL 2015 Foreign Players
Lucio, ISL 2015 Marquee Player for FC Goa playing for Brazil in 2011

Lucio is the Marquee Player for FC Goa Team which is owned by Videocon owner, Venugopal Dhoot, Indian Cricketer, Virat Kohli as well as Goan businessmen Dattaraj Salgaocar and Shrinivas Dempo. Lucio is a central defender with position centre back. He is a powerful Defender and you will surely see this player doing aerial moves with football. He has represented himself in victorious Brazilian Team in 2002 World Cup, 2005 & 2009 Confederations Cup. The supporters of FC Goa are going to keep a keen eye on Lucio as he is the Marquee player of FC Goa.

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Kerala Blasters FC Marquee Player – Carlos Marchena

Carlos Marchena Marquee player kerala blasters fc isl 2015 teams, isl 2015 foreign players
Carlos Marchena, ISL 2015 Marquee player for Kerala Blasters FC from Spain

Carlos Marchena is the Marquee Player for Kerala Blasters FC Team which is owned by Master Blaster of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar and Serial Entrepreneur, Prasad v Potluri. Carlos Marchena is a versatile Spanish Footballer who is an aggressive central defender as well as a defensive midfielder. For a player having defensive approach along with aggressive playing is not a simple task.

Carlos Marchena represented Spain in two Fifa World Cups in which one was won by Spain. He also played for Spain in two European Championships where his team was victorious in one of them. It will be a wonderful experience to watch him in Kerala Blasters FC as people would be expecting an awesome play from his side as a Marquee Player.

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Mumbai City FC Marquee Player – Nicolas Anelka

Nicolas Anelka marquee player mumbai city fc isl 2015 teams, isl 2015 foreign players
Nicolas Anelka, ISL 2015 Marquee Player for Mumbai City FC playing for Chelsea in 2012

Nicolas Anelka is the Marquee Player for Mumbai City FC Team which is owned by Bollywood actor, Ranbir Kapoor and Bimal Parekh who is a CA. Nicolas Anelka is a French Footballer which plays with football like a hero. If you are willing to watch a player doing aerial plays with football with quick and different techniques of the movement of the ball then he is your guy to watch. He is a player cum manager for Mumbai City FC team in ISL 2015 season.

Nicolas Anelka is the footballer who has transferred from one team to another and has experience of playing with Arsenal, Real Madrid, Liverpool (loan), Manchester City and Chelsea. He has represented France in 69 Matches and won Euro 2000 and Confederations Cup 2001. Later Anelka was debarred by French Football Federation for directing comments against a national coach. Anelka played 7 Matches for Mumbai City FC making 2 goals last year. On 3rd July, 2015, he signed a contract for Mumbai City FC for Player-Manager of the team and was declared as the Marquee Player of Mumbai City FC.

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NorthEast United FC Marquee Player – Simao Sabrosa

Simao Sabrosa Marquee Player NorthEast United FC ISL 2015 Teams, ISL 2015 Foreign Players
Simao Sabrosa, ISL 2015 Marquee player for NorthEast United FC playing for Atletico Madrid in 2010

Simao Sabrosa is the Marquee Player for NorthEast United FC Team which is owned by Bollywood Star John Abraham. Simao Sabrosa is a Portuguese Footballer who plays professionally as a left winger. He is known for his dribbling and set piece skills. Simao Sabrosa has played 642 games where he has scored 158 goals in his total career.

Simao Sabrosa played championships for Atletico Madrid and Barcelona. He represented Portugal in two World Cups and two European Championships. He took his team to the Semi Finals for 2006 World Cup while he was responsible for the team finishing 2nd in Euro 2004. On 25th June, 2015, Simao Sabrosa was selected in the NorthEast United FC (NEUFC) as the Marquee Player.

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FC Pune City Marquee Player – Adrian Mutu

Adrian Mutu Marquee player FC Pune City ISL 2015 Teams, ISL 2015 foreign players
Adrian Mutu, ISL 2015 Marquee Player for FC Pune City playing for Chelsea in 2004

Adrian Mutu is the Marquee Player for FC Pune City Team which is owned by Bollywood actor, Hritik Roshan. Adrian Mutu is a Romanian Footballer who is known as the one of the Best Series A strikers. He plays as a forward for FC Pune City and is capable of playing as a striker, a winger or an attacking midfielder. He has played 512 matches in his career making 201 goals in total.

Adrian Mutu has played with Chelsea back in 2003. He was included in the Romanian team in the European Championships. Despite being a talented player, Adian has experienced long term suspensions in his career. So it will be a sight to watch him playing for FC Pune City as a Marquee Player.

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So these are the ISL 2015 Teams with their respective ISL 2015 Marquee Players which are part of ISL 2015 Foreign Players. Download their Images and Wallpapers and do let us know in the comments that ‘which is your Favorite ISL 2015 Team‘ and ‘which would be the Best Marquee Player of this ISL season‘. So without any hesitation, Comment Now!!

{Full List} ISL 2015 Marquee Players of all ISL 2015 Teams

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