Full List of (ISL 2016) Indian Super League Owners Name List along with Football Team Franchise Owners

Indian Super League owners have been into news since long and some of them are Indian Cricketers, some are Movie Actors from Bollywood while some are Businessmen. The second edition has started with a bang and knowing the owners name of the team which you are supporting is must. The owners do play an important role as they have invested in the team. Their are lot of co owners as well and it will be great to go through ISL owners and co owners list. The Indian Super League Franchise owners of the teams have been boosting the moral of the players and have been motivating them to perform their best on field. Football is being promoted on high level by these Indian Super League Football owners.

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ISL 2016 Owners

Indian Super League Football Team Owners

These Indian Super League Football team owners have started the team promotion on the Social Media. The main task would be on the players. They should get into their form and play their best in order to make their Indian Super League Football team owners happy as well as their fans happy. The Head Coach and Marquee Players would have an additional responsibility so that the team sticks together and doesn’t go out of form. Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, Sourav Ganguly, Sachin Tendulkar are the Indian Super League Football Owners who have lots of following because of their successful cricket career. On the other hand Abhishek Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor, John Abraham, Hritik Roshan are the Indian Super League Team Owners who have been also followed by millions as they are celebrities.

Indian Super League Owners | ISL Teams and Owners | ISL Owners and Co Owners List

#1. Atletico de Kolkata

Atletico de kolkata team owners sourav ganguly, photos, jersey, images, wallpapers, isl 2015 teams owners and co owners, indian super league
ISL 2016 Owners of Team Atletico de Kolkata

The Indian Super League owners of the team Atletico de Kolkata are Kolkata Games and Sports Pvt. Ltd. which consists of former Indian Cricketer Sourav Ganguly, businessmen Harshavardhan Neotia, Sanjiv Goenka, Utsav Parekh and Spanish club Atlético Madrid.

#2. Chennaiyin FC

chennaiyin fc owner abhishek bachchan, ms dhoni co owner, jersey, photos,, logo, images, wallpapers, isl 2015 teams Indian Super League
Chennaiyin FC Team owners – MS Dhoni and Abhishek Bachchan

Among all the ISL Teams and owners, Chennaiyin FC is a team which will be loved by most of the cricket fans as this team is co owned by Indian Cricket Captain MS Dhoni. Chennaiyin FC Team is also co owned by Bollywood Actor Abhishek Bachchan. So considering Indian Super League Owners, Chennaiyin FC teams owners are going to grab more attention because of the duo Dhoni and Abhishek Bachchan.

#3. Delhi Dynamos FC

DEN Networks owner of Delhi dynamos FC Indian Super League ISL 2015 images, photos, wallpapers, logo
Delhi Dynamos FC Owner – Den Networks

The Delhi Dynamos FC has an owner who is leading cable operating network in Delhi City called DEN Networks. Among all the ISL teams and owners, this is one of the least known Indian Super League Owners considering the whole nation. So lets see how the DEN Networks promote its team.

#4. FC Goa

FC Goa Owner, Virat Kohli FC Goa, Virat Kohli photos, FC Goa Jersey Images, Logo, Wallpapers, FC Goa Owners, Indian Super League owners, ISL Team owners and co owners
FC Goa Co owner – Virat Kohli

FC Goa Team’s owner tops the ISL Owners and Co owners List as it has got the most popular Young & dashing Indian Cricketer, Virat Kohli. The FC Goa team is owned by the Goan Football Club Pvt. Ltd. which consists of Goan businessmen Dattaraj Salgaocar and Shrinivas Dempo, Videocon’s Owner Venugopal Dhoot and Indian Cricket Vice Captain Virat Kohli. So these Indian Super League Owners will have a lot to expect from its team.

#5. Kerala Blasters FC

kerala blasters fc team isl 2015 owners, co owners sachin tendulkar photos, images, wallpapers, logo, jersey indian super league isl 2015
Sachin Tendulkar Co owner of Kerala Blasters FC Team

Among all the ISL Owners and Co owners list, Kerala Blasters FC team has a co owner who is considered as the God of Cricket. Yes, he is none other than Sachin Tendulkar. Among the other Indian Super League owners, the Kerala Team is co owned by Prasad V Potluri who is a Serial Entrepreneur. So Kerala Blasters FC team would have an upper hand as they were the Finalists of last year edition.

#6. Mumbai City FC

Mumbai city fc owners ranbir kapoor, bimal parekh isl 2015 indian super league co owners jersey logo photos images pictures wallpapers
Mumbai City FC owners – Ranbir kapoor and Bimal Parekh

Among all ISL Teams and owners, Mumbai City FC will be the team who will be most loved by Girls as this team has Ranbir Kapoor as the co owner. This is one of the most popular face between the Indian Super League owners. Other co owner is Bimal Parekh, who is a Charted Accountant. Ranbir Kapoor also handles the Team, Marketing and Media. So we expect a lot of buzz from Mumbai City Team this time.

#7. Northeast United FC

john abraham isl 2015 photos, images, wallpapers, indian super league neufc owner franchise
John Abraham – Northeast United FC Owner

The Indian Super League owners have become so acquainted with the team like the owner of Northeast United FC. This team is owned by John Abraham, the muscular and hot Bollywood actor who has managed to built his following because of his acting and most importantly due to his physique. Among all the ISL Teams and Owners, John Abraham is one of the Muscular owners of the team.

#8. FC Pune City

indian super league owners, isl team owners and co owners fc pune city hritik roshan franchise photos, logo, pictures, wallpapers, images, name list
Hritik Roshan- FC Pune City owner

One of the hottest, superb bollywood actor and the most handsome looking celebrity of all owners and co owners list, Hritik Roshan is the owner of FC Pune City. Hritik Roshan would have the responsibility of promoting the team to its best. Indian Super League Owners have been supporting their team in all possible ways and similarly Hritik Roshan is helping his team reach out to maximum people.

Indian Super League Franchise Owners | Indian Super League Owners Name List

The Indian Super League Franchise owners are different considering different teams. The Kolkata team is co owned by Sourav Ganguly, Chennaiyin FC team is co owned by MS Dhoni and Abhishek Bachchan, Delhi Dynamos FC is owned by DEN Networks, FC Goa team is co owned by Virat Kohli, Kerala Blasters FC is co owned by Sachin Tendulkar, Mumbai City FC is co owned by Ranbir Kapoor, Northeast United FC is owned by star John Abraham, Pune City FC is co owned by Hritik Roshan. These Indian Super League Franchise Owners play an important role in Team Branding.

Given above is the Indian Super League Owners Name List which has complete information of all the owners of ISL 2016. So stay connected for future updates and comment below your favorite ISL 2016 Owner.

{Full List} Indian Super League Owners : Name List, Franchise, Football Team

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