India vs New Zealand 2016 T20 World Cup Highlights

India vs New Zealand 2016 T20 World Cup Highlights : The most awaited match of T20 World Cup 2016 has been witnessed by the spectators and what an enthralling match it was! India vs New Zealand 2016 T20 World Cup match had the momentum of scoring runs. People were cheering India and literally the ground commentators were unable to hear the voice of the fellow person. India vs New Zealand 2016 T20 World Cup Highlights are covered very well for those who have missed the excellent piece of action. When MS Dhoni and Kane Williamson entered the ground, the whole crowd started cheering India…India. New Zealand fans were supporting black caps by making cheers. The toss of today match is also included in India vs New Zealand 2016 T20 World Cup Highlights so you will easily get to know who won the toss in the highlights video which will be made available for free download.

India vs New Zealand 2016 World T20 Highlights | First Over Video

India vs New Zealand 2016 World T20 Highlights : The match started with inspirational national anthems of teams with respect given to both the national flags. New Zealand won the toss and elected to bat first because of dry cricket conditions. India vs New Zealand 2016 World T20 Highlights also include New Zealand openers Martin Guptill and Kane Williamson commenced of the innings. First ball was bowled by Ashwin where he was hit for a six. On the second ball of the first over, Ashwin took wicket of Guptill where he was out for LBW. Dhoni’s decision of bringing up Ashwin for the first over worked out absolutely well. This wicket just after hitting a six was worth watching. You can catch up the first over video in India vs New Zealand 2016 World T20 Highlights.

India vs NZ T20 World Cup 2016 Highlights | First 5 overs video

India vs NZ T20 World Cup 2016 Highlights : The Second over was handed over to Ashish Nehra where he started off from the score 13-1. Munro faced the second ball of Nehra where he hit a shot but wait he was caught out by Hardik Pandya. Yeppie.. India got its second wicket which you can see in India vs NZ T20 World Cup 2016 Highlights. Nehra was successful to offer early wicket to India. At the end of 4th over, New Zealand scored 22 runs with Williamson hitting off a fantastic four over Nehra’s last ball. Then after couple of overs, at the end of 6t over, New Zealand were 33 for 2. Raina was given the ball by Dhoni another decision that reaped the fruits. His 5th ball gave much needed wicket of Black caps Captain Kane Williamson and guess what.. New Zealand were 35 for 3. This first 5 overs video will make you watch India vs New Zealand 2016 T20 World Cup Highlights again and again.

India vs New Zealand 2016 Highlights | Ball by Ball Commentary Highlights

India vs New Zealand 2016 Highlights : At the end of 11th over New Zealand were 59 for 3. The crowd was seen dancing on Shantabai.. Shantabai song. Yeah, seriously they played this song at the end of 11th over. This Ball by Ball and Over by Over commentary highlights represent India vs New Zealand 2016 Highlights. Raina was given the ball for 12th over. But Raina proved that he is not only a great batsmen and spinner but also he proved his ace fielding skills. You won’t think how this wicket was taken. Raina bowled the ball to Anderson, he played straight to raina’s hands. But wait it was not a catch. He quickly threw the ball to the non striker stumps as he saw Ross Taylor out of the crease. And Ross Taylor was run out by a second. Literally a second. His bat was in the air and just before touching the bat into the crease. Raina made jingle wingle.

All the wicket celebrations are covered in India vs New Zealand 2016 Highlights and if you don’t want to see video we are here with ball by ball highlights & over by over commentary Highlights. We are sure you would get the exact feel of watching India vs New Zealand T20 World Cup Match by reading our highlights.

IND vs NZ 2016 Highlights Today Match (Last 5 Overs Video)

New Zealand were 78 for 4 at the end of 14th over. No fours and No sixes till now. The play was getting a bit slow but then M Santner hit a much needed four over Pandya’s over. 10 runs were scored in Pandya’s 15th over. New Zealand were settling their play after fall of quick wickets and trying to go for big hits. But our super dooper MS Dhoni, got Jaspreet Bumrah back and on his 4th ball, Bumrah bowled a toe crushing yorker to Corey Anderson and he was bowled. Middle stump was banged and bails were sailing in the air with Bumrah celebrating his happiness with his team mates. At the end of 16th over, black caps were 90-5.

New Zealand Last Over Video Highlights (Final Over Video)


For the 17th over, Dhoni gets his trump card ace player Jadega and why won’t he prove himself. He fooled Santner where he hit the ball high up in the air and was well caught by Dhoni. New Zealand lost its 6th wicket. At the end of 19th over, NZ were 111/6 and with last over left MS Dhoni handed the ball to Ashish Nehra. Over is 3rd ball, Nehra got the wicket of Ronchi where he stumped Ronchi. Shikhar Dhawan threw the ball correctly that made Nehra to take a run out. At the end of last over, New Zealand scored 126/7 that ended the innings setting the target of 127 to win.

Overall there were 56 dot balls bowled by India and restricted New Zealand superbly. Suresh Raina, the part time bowler was the key bowler that provided wickets at regular intervals and departed important batsmen of New Zealand. Now India need 127 to win in 120 balls.

[HD*] India [IND] vs [NZ] New Zealand 2016 T20 World Cup Highlights, Ball by Ball Commentary Highlights, Results

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