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Dil Bada IPL | Hot Star Song Download | IPL 2016 Theme Song Hotstar : Being backed by more than 10 sponsors this IPL 2016, Hotstar has yet again started promoting their Indian Premier League on their Platform and have been marketing and advertising the campaign for achieving their target that they have decided. IPL 2016 Theme Song Hotstar has been loved by most of the IPL fans and people are waiting for Hotstar IPL Song download. The news has been confirmed that Hotstar team has estimated the target of more than 100 million views this IPL 2016 and are hoping that this year the number of people watching the matches online will be more than that witnessing the match on TV. Dil Bada IPL has been launched and the song has been performing well on Youtube. With increasing views on Youtube and Dailymotion, Hot Star Song Download can be done with ease. The song Dil Bada IPL has been termed superhit according to the survey done.

IPL 2016 Theme Song Hotstar | Dil Bada IPL

IPL 2016 Theme Song : Dil Bada IPL is one of the most admired song from hotstar and they have been sponsored by Flipkart, Raymond, Axe Deos and Volini. So they have given pure professional touch to the song by selecting the correct lyricist and musicians. IPL 2016 Theme Song has been conceptualized by Hotstar. They have done a great work with Dil Bada IPL.

“Over the past couple of years, we have seen a consistent increase in the reach of the tournament on digital. The IPL reached around 28 million in 2014 on starsports.com. This increased to approximately 41 million in 2015 and this year, we are hopeful of reaching 100 million viewers on the digital platform,” says Ajit Mohan, president and head, hotstar. Therefore the digital viewers have been increasing exponentially during 2 years. There along with IPL 2016 Theme Song Hotstar, the matches that would be streamed on hotstar will experience more views. The name perfectly suits the song by hotstar which is Dil bada IPL.

Hot Star IPL Ad | IPL Hotstar Ad

Hot Star IPL Ad | IPL Hotstar Ad : Even though reaching 100 million viewers in coming two months on Hotstar seems challenging, the network is confidently promoting the IPL on Hotstar with the initiative of Dil Bada IPL. Hot Star IPL Ad is worth watching and if you have missed to watch the ad then get your eyes rolling straight to the IPL Hotstar Ad. They have been promoting in order to increase the viewers and being pretty optimistic they have started advertising campaigns. Hot Star IPL ad has the title lyrics as ‘Digital Duniya Ke Digital Dildar, Dekh Vivo IPL on Hotstar’. Given the name ‘Screen Chhota, Dil Bada’ IPL Hotstar ad is set to cross millions of views on YouTube. So if its a miss for you then catch up IPL 2016 theme song hotstar from the video listed below.

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Hotstar IPL Ringtone | Hotstar IPL Song Download | Hot Star Song Download

Hot Star Song Download : Team at hotstar has been working on value-added content and programming. Dil Bada IPL Song is one of their master content. For starters, this year, the pre-and post-match shows will be produced exclusively for the hotstar platform. There will be a language feed option between Hindi and English and the network is working with some of the teams to produce special content around these IPL franchises for consumption on hotstar. Hotstar IPL Ringtone that includes this song will also be available. So with these new features, Hotstar is focussing more on customer retention and their first step includes Hot Star song download.

If you haven’t got Dil Bada IPL then get the Hotstar IPL song download for free. “In 2015, we were focused on creating awareness and getting people on the platform. This year, we are focused on programming and content as well. We will continue having the weekly round-up segment this year, in addition to the new content features,” says Mohan president of Hotstar. With the initiative of Hot Star song download that has been made available you can even enjoy the hotstar IPL ringtone.

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Hot Star Song Video | Dil Bada Hotstar Song Video

Hot Star Song Video : The Dil Bata IPL is one of the most loved songs of IPL 2016 and we are here to present Dil Bada Hotstar Song Video. Information from Hotstar suggests that the Vivo IPL 2016 player auction got 60 per cent viewership in the age group of 15 and above, out of the viewership garnered by the television broadcaster Sony Six. So now Hot Star Song video will reach new heights for hotstar. Dil Bada Hotstar Song video has been the perfect marketing strategy that has worked out for Hotstar. Watch the video below :

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[Hotstar Ad IPL Song] ‘Screen Chota, Dil Bada’ Hotstar Theme Song Title Track Ad Full Song

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