New Zealand Wickets Highlights: India vs New Zealand WT20

1st Wicket of New Zealand :M. Guptill by R. Ashwin Video

In today’s match India vs New Zealand ICC T20 World Cup 2016, New Zealand won the toss and elected to bat first. Two great players of team New Zealand Martin Guptill and Kane Williamson in the ground. R. Ashwin to ball the first over. He took the first wicket of New Zealand in the second ball. What a bowling by R. Ashwin to Martin Guptill. Watch Martin Guptill wicket highlights Videos here. R. Ashiwin took the wicket of Martin Guptill. Great over it was. Proud moment for all the Indians. Ashiwin served a loopy delivery to M. Guptill and he tried to sweep but he missed out. The ball hits to the pad and Ashwin appealed fir the wicket and umpire raised his finger and its out. Great wicket by R. Ashwin. We are going to provide you India vs New Zealand first over Highlights videos that you can download for free from here. Watch all wickets video of New Zealand from the today’s T20 match India vs New Zealand. Ashwin Wicket Video Download. New Zealand Wickets Highlights Videos

2nd Wicket of New Zealand: C. Munro by R. Ashwin

R. Ashwin took the second wicket of New Zealand. Watch R. Ashwin Wicket video on starsports and here. R. Ashwin to the C. Munru 3rs ball of the over. Ashwin Serves a length delivery outside off and Munro went to slap it over covers but the ball goes off the toe end of his bat towards mid off. Pandya Simply moved to right and took a simple catch. Second loss for team New Zealand. Watch Wicket of C. Munru by R. Ashwin video here.  We are providing  New Zealand Wickets Highlights for the today’s match India vs New Zealand T20. New Zealand Wickets Highlights Videos

3rd Wicket of New Zealand: K. Williamson by S. Raina

Watch Suresh Raina wicket video. S.Raina took Williamson’s wicket in  7th over. Flatter and quicker outside off. Williamson dances down the track to drive it through the off side. He fails to connect as Dhoni collects it and takes the bails off in a flash. Williamson is disappointed as Raina celebrates with his teammates. New Zealand Wickets Highlights Videos

4th Wicket of New Zealand: R. Taylor by S. Raina

Raina again took one more wicket of R. Taylor. Watch Suresh Raina Wicket Video. Wicket of R. Taylor by S. Raina. Tossed up on middle and off, Anderson dances down the track but the ball goes off his leading edge back towards Raina. He moves to his left, dive and collects the ball, turns and throws it onto the stumps. Taylor is out of the crease as he looks to get back in. Raina hits and replays confirm that Ross’s bat was in the air. That is tremendous work from the Indian part-timer. New Zealand Wickets Highlights Videos

5th Wicket of new Zealand: C. Anderson by J. Bumrah

Bumrah’s first wicket in this match. Finally Bumrah took wicket of C. anderson. Watch full match wickets videos of New Zealand here. Bumrah Wicket videos. Toe-crushing yorker ends Anderson’s innings! Bumrah serves a third yorker on a trot. Anderson, this time, looks to do something different as he goes for a paddle scoop. He misses and the ball rattles the middle stump. Bumrah is all smiles as his captain praises him by applauding. The Kiwis have now lost half their side. New Zealand Wickets Highlights Videos

6th Wicket of new Zealand: M. Santner by R. Jadeja

This was a first wicket for Jadeja. Watch Jadeja Wicket Videos in the match India vs New Zealand WT20. Download Highlights video of wicket of M. Santner took by R. Jadeja. Jadeja gets his first! A tad short around off. Santner goes for a wild pull but gets a top edge to it. The ball balloons in the air as Dhoni doesn’t even move a inch to catch that. A simple, straight forward catch for the Indian captain to send another set batsman back to the hut. New Zealand reeling at 98/6 in the 17th over. New Zealand Wickets Highlights Videos

7th Wicket of New Zealand: L. Ronchi by A. Nehra

Last wicket of New Zealand took by A. Nehra. Watch Ashish Nehra wicket video. India vs New Zealand Highlights Videos. A. Nehra took wicket of L. Ronchi (Run Out). Sloppy from New Zealand! Full toss on off, Ronchi chips it to long on. Dhawan collects it on a bounce and throws it back to the bowler’s end. Elliott comes back for the second run as the throw is right on top of the stumps. Nehra collects it and takes the bails off before Elliott can makes it in. New Zealand Wickets Highlights Videos.

So here we have represented all the wickets of New Zealand from India vs New Zealand ICC T20 world Cup 2016. Watch full match highlights videos here and enjoy the fist match of World T20. New Zealand Wickets Highlights videos will be available on starsports. Enjoy watching full match highlights and wickets highlights of New Zealand.


[HD*] New Zealand Wickets Highlights Videos: India vs New Zealand World T20 (15 March 2016)

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