ISL 2015 : Match 3 : FC Pune City vs Mumbai FC Highlights Today Match

FC Pune City vs Mumbai FC Highlights : Today being the Pune City Match, the spectators showed full on support to the home team of Pune and were cheering for the team to win and that’s what happened. Pune won the match by 3-1 with Tuncay playing his master stroke. The FC Pune City vs Mumbai FC Highlights will soon get most eyeballs as the match was super entertaining. The Mumbai FC team tried their best with thier key player Nicolas Anelka but didn’t manage the victory over Pune. The match which was between Pune City FC and Mumbai FC  started at 7:00 pm (IST) sharp. Lets get started with Pune vs Mumbai ISL Highlights.

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Pune City FC vs Mumbai FC Highlights | Today Match ISL Highlights Video

Pune City FC vs Mumbai FC Highlights : The Pune vs Mumbai ISL Match had an exciting toss with Mumbai winning the toss. At the time of toss both the captain come face to face for the toss. Frantz Bertin gave the right call and selected the side that led Mumbai to kick off first in Today Match. The video provided would feature ISL highlights that you can share with your football fans. FC Mumbai City will attract from left to right and are donning their famous Blue and white stripes while their opponents will be in blue and Orange. This was the scenario of toss. Now we will talk about Pune City FC vs Mumbai FC Highlights. Below you will get full FC Pune City vs Mumbai City FC Today Match Highlights video. Most of the folks were not able to watch Indian Super League 2015 full match so here we have given full videos of today match Pune City FC vs Mumbai FC Highlights.

Pune vs Mumbai ISL Highlights | FCPC vs MCFC Highlights Video

You can actually watch Pune vs Mumbai ISL Highlights with the same enjoyment. Each one of them played exceptionally well at their position. Full video is available on this site below. Go to the link given below and you will be redirected to the ISL highlights videos. The Refree blew his whistle and brought an end to the third match of ISL 2015. A much deserved win for the home team. A brace for the turkey player Tuncay while Israil Gurung added the third. However management at FC Pune City will be concerned about the how the team proceeds in the tournament. You can Download FCPC vs MCFC Highlights video from us as we upload the full video. Till then have patience share this article about FC Pune City vs Mumbai FC Highlights Video.

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FC Pune City vs Mumbai FC Goals : Tuncay Goals Video, Israil Gurung Goal Today, Frederic Goal Video | Yesterday Match ISL Highlights

Pune City FC Goals Video : Three Goals were scored by the FC Pune City Team which delighted the crowd including the Pune City ISL owner, Hritik Roshan.  The goals from Pune City side were scored by Tuncay (2) and Israil Gurung (1) while the opening goal for Mumbai City was scored by Frederic. Thus the 3-1 victory led the Pune team to boost their moral. Thus considering FC Pune City vs Mumbai FC Goals, Pune scored the total of 3 goals. The tuncay’s both goals which were head shots, had already given an uplift to the Pune team. You can watch Tuncay Goals Video ISL below. The score was 2-0, after which Mumbai City’s Footballer, Frederic made a initial opener goal for Mumbai. You can watch Frederic Goal Video ISL below. The score then became 2-1, when again Israil Gurung scored the goal for Pune that confirmed its victory. You can watch Israil Goal Video ISL. So these Pune City FC Goals Video have enchanted the people and all Pune fans were happy on their first victory in the yesterday match.

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[HD] FC Pune City vs Mumbai FC Highlights Today Match Tuncay Goals Video

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