FC Goa Squad 2015| FC Goa Team Players List 2015|ISL Goa Team List 2015

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FC Goa Squad team players list 2015: FC Goa is an Indian Super League team or franchise based in Goa. The great Delhi team FC Goa was established in 2014 and began play in October 2014. People are searching for FC Goa squad 2015 so here in this article we are going to provide you full Delhi team players list. Indian Super League is popular sports that attracts almost everyone and has millions of fans. So for all those fans we are giving here ISL Delhi team list 2015. FC Goa is very strong team as this team had many powerful players. Full list of these players is given below. So you should check once this FC Goa squad 2015. In the below table of FC Goa squad we have given position of players along with their country names. So take a look at FC Goa squad 2015 and enjoy Indian Super League season 2.

FC Goa Squad 2015| FC Goa Team 2015

FC Goa Squad 2015: The team FC Goa includes very strong and powerful players. So begin with the information about the team FC Goa Squad 2015 along with their position and country. So now let’s find out FC Goa squad 2015. Here we will provide you every latest updates of every match of Indian Super League. FC Goa is an Indian Super League team that having 18 players in squad and we will give full details about them. In the given table of FC Goa team 2015 you can see the position of player in the ground that matters a lot for winning the game. So go through this FC Goa team 2015.

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FC Goa Team Players List 2015

FC Goa Team Players List 2015: As we have discussed above, the team FC Goa having very strong and powerful players. All of them showed their best performance in the last season and won many matches in 1st season. In this article you will get full details about team FC Goa. Below we are going to provide you FC Goa team Players list 2015. Check it out for core detail about this powerful team and watch all matches of Chennai. Since we see that this team is incredibly amazing inspire of 1st season matches winning and having solid players so we must get well acquainted with FC Goa Team Players Names. Following that, we intend to have a discussion regarding FC Goa Team Players list 2015.

Lucio Brazil Defender
Raju Gaikwad India Defender
Joaquim Abranches India Forward
Denson Devadas India Midfielder
CS Sabeeth India Forward
Laxmikant Kattimani India Goalkeeper
Debabrata Roy India Defender
Gregory Arnolin France Defender
Narayan Das India Defender
Manmdar Rao Desai India Midfielder
Romeo Fernandez India Midfielder
Bikramjit Singh India Midfielder
Jofre Mateu Gonzalez Spain Midfielder
Elinton Andrade Brazil Goalkeeper
Reinaldo De Cruz Oliveira Brazil Forward
Thankgkhosiem Haokip India Forward
Victor Simoez Brazil Forward
Victorino Fernandez India Forward

ISL FC Goa Team List 2015| FC Goa Team List 2015| FC Goa team Rosters 2015

Below you are provided with ISL FC Goa Team List 2015. It’s a Goa team with which we are well familiar. We have presented FC Goa Team Roster 2015 which is listed above. Have a brief look at these players as we have listed their professional skill in ISL. People are excited to watch this team playing in the Finals. The Team lacked form in the initial stage of the league but still has a lot of capability. FC Goa Team Roster 2015 is listed below is a great source of Wiki Information. All team players are giving their 100% to win the title of Indian Super League.

Indian Super League Goa Team Players Name List 2015

FC Goa Team Players Names 2015: FC Goa includes a team of 18 players and everyone is very good at their position. So it will be very tough competition while facing remaining teams. Be ready to watch the enthralling matches along with friends as well as with your family members. To get more information regarding team FC Goa we certainly have provided FC Goa Players Names 2015. Therefore go through this link and be familiar with almost everything concerning ISL Delhi Team players 2015.

FC Goa Squad 2015| FC Goa Football Team Players 2015

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